Friday, February 24, 2006

Work on Your Body: Cross Terrain Skis

You weren't expecting that one, were you? But you do cross country ski, don't you? And you have been...inconvenienced, shall we the inability of your double cambered skis, however edged--think Fischer Europa 99s--to turn--on hard pack or powder--control your speed, do anything? Well, the New Age is here: Alpina Cross Terrain skis. They're fat, steel-edged, with as much side cut as a super model, and about 3/4 of their bottoms are fish scaled for climbing without fussing with skins or wax. They also are on the short side: mine are 168s, I think. Team them up with Voile Heavy-Duty Mountaineer Bindings and a three pin boot with some authority--say Rossignol BC x9--and get ready for an experience that combines the religious with the self-confidence of Donald Trump. You'll turn and brake with authority and precision, and you probably will not miss the skinny double cambered guys in any situation. And, once again, you're almost sure to pay less than Reality Man.