Monday, January 23, 2006

Work on Your Head: Reading Glasses

If you're like me--and you aren't--reading glasses have gone from being an amusing intimation of mortality to an absolute necessity--crippling not to have. You're probably also not like me in stuffing them into the front pockets of pants. Many a cheap pair has died this way. But expensive pairs are, well, expensive--and then you have to take care of them better and grieve their loss, when they, like sunglasses, ride off into the sunset. But going into your local discount--or even book--store for readers has possibly left you feeling faint and nauseated. Allow American Reading Glasses to come into focus. Four pairs of black horn rims to make Elvis Costello weak with envy for $12.00--that's no misprint--including postage. You will probably pass over the lifetime guarantee offered for merely paying $3.99 p&h for a broken pair as being infra dig. (I'm trying out a badge-holder from a trade show as an alternative to the in-the-pants approach. Stay tuned.)